Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park

GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK is a World Heritage Site located entirely within the state of Arizona. The park covers 1,904 sq miles (4,930 sq km), is made up of the canyon itself, which starts where the Paria river empties into the Colorado, and stretches from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead, and adjoining lands. The area won protective status as a National Monument in 1908 after Theodore Roosevelt visited in 1903, observing that it should be kept intact for future generations as "... the one great sight which every American... should see." The National Park was created in 1919.

The park has two main entrances, on the North and South rims of the canyon, However, the southern section of the park receives the most visitors and can become very congested during the summer season.

North Kaibab Trail follows Bright Angel Creek bed, past Roaring Springs, and descends to Phantom Ranch.

Grand Canyon Lodge

Perched above the canyon at Bright Angel Point, the Grand Canyon Lodge has rooms and a number of dining options.

Bright Angel Trail starts from the South Rim. It is well maintained but demanding. It descends into the canyon and connects with the North Kaibab Trail up on the North Rim.

Phantom Ranch is the only lodge on the canyon floor, and is accessible by mule, raft, or on foot.

Grand Canyon Railway

Restored steam trains make the 64-mile (103-km) trip from the town of Williams to Grand Canyon Village.

Hermit Road

A free shuttle bus runs along this route to the Hermes Rest viewpoint during the summer. It is closed to private vehicles March to November.

Point Imperial is the highest point on the North Rim at 8,803-ft (2,683-m) high, and offers views of Mt. Hayden and the Painted Desert.

Wotans Throne

The uniquely shaped rock formation known as Wotans Throne lies closer to the North Rim, but can be seen from both sides of the canyon.

The Tusayan Ruin was a pueblo abandoned by the Ancestral Puebloans around 1150. The Tusayan Museum now sits next to the site.

Desert View Drive

This route connects Grand Canyon Village with Desert View, and offers breathtaking views of both the central and eastern canyon.