Grand Canyon National Park

Places to see in Grand Canyon

Visitors to Phoenix never forget to visit the beautiful steep valley known as ‘Grand Canyon.’ The Colorado River cuts the mountain and form deep valley in Arizona. A sneak view to many structures and caves developed by Americans make the visit memorable.

Earlier when Grand Canyon was under European invasion Pueblo people regarded it holy and considered it a pilgrimage. García López de Cárdenas of Spain was the first European to step on the land in 1540.

The extra ordinary size of the Grand Canyon valley and gorgeous landscape attracts tourists very much. The steep valley is 277 miles long, 4 to 18 miles wide and a mile deep.

Grand Canyon is characterized by a deep turn in the Colorado plateau and thus it becomes one of the six distinct physiographic sections of the Colorado Plateau province. The thick layers of rocks embedded in the walls of canyon, which preserves remains of early geological history of North America, looks beautiful exposed from the walls.

Explore the various heart capturing places in Grand Canyon and experience the overwhelming landscape sightseeing with us!!

Tourist attractions in Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon National Park

United States has numerous National Parks and Grand Canyon National Park is one of them. It is the oldest and premier natural attraction for tourists. Magnetized by its charm around 5 million visitors from every corner of the earth come here in each year. The park offers many different leisure activities to perform there like; you can walk through to rim points or can enjoy Shuttle rides too.

Lipan Point

The rich Unkar Delta is has many points that see Colorado River; Lipan is one such point. The enchanting views at Lipan Point on South Rim are the dreamy and dramatic place. This point gives an all round view of the entire valley. It is also popular as sunset point; from here you can observe the sun going down at sunset.

Hopi House

Hopi house was built in 20th century to lodge Hopi artisans. The charismatic abode was designed by Mary Colter. The house gels wells with the beautiful landscapic surrounding. The place not only accommodates Hopi artisans but also it serves as selling place to sell their Native American arts and crafts.

Vista Encontada

North Rim is famous for two places- Coastal Bay & Vista Encontada. Coastal Bay is sunset point here while Vista Encontada is a perfect picnic spot!!! The views of gorge and surroundings evoke the creativity in you and can even make you POET.

Kaibab Camper Village

RV Park in Kaibab Camper Village of North Rim has myriad of age old ponderosas. The wonderful views of Jacob Lake Kaibab Camper Village site enthrall every viewer.

North Rim Campground

The Transept Trail of Canyon's North Rim Campground is covered by the shades of ponderosa pines. A leisurely walk here with your girlfriend or spouse is quite a nice romantic idea.

Havasu Creek's waterfalls

Havasu Creek’s waterfalls is a tourist attraction in Grand Canyon. The continous flow of greenish blue water gives a sense of freshness. The waterfall is guarded by Havasu Canyon's red-rock walls.

Museum of Northern Arizona

This museum has artistically displayed collection of Native American art. These artifacts exhibit the intimacy of local people with the Colorado Plateau.