Places to see in Olympia

When most people think of visiting Washington in the first place they think of Seattle. Do not blame you a little, it would probably be a sin not to visit there and do not go for a ride up the Space Needle, or get thrown out of a fish market! However, the capital of this rainy and wet state often associated with not even a visit to Washington natives! If you visit downtown Olympia is never even half as big as Seattle, but it is good to have your own little environment, and although it may not be no. 1 on the list of tourist, have tons of good places to see in Olympia Washington:

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee house:

Batdorf & Bronson Coffee House is another great cafe to visit if you want get away from the massive Starbucks. The coffee was great and the atmosphere. This is the heart of downtown, close to all the great shops, and just two blocks from the waterfront.

Wagner's Bakery:

Wagner's European Bakery and Cafe is the best bakery in town. All the pasta and home made fresh daily. You can surely buy everything you want from Danishes bread, baklava, cakes, sticky buns, donuts, cinnamon bread........... Wow I'm sorry there is a sweet tooth!

After the dough (or twelve) of choice, and then stop the counter, and then select the deli sandwiches, soup, or all of which also offer delicious. The prices are fair and it is one of the great places to stop by for a casual lunch wherein this is also a second location, it’s the Olympia Farmer's Market.

Hot Toddy:

Hot toddy is a great little clothing store on 4th Ave. The dress is made primarily of women and local planners. This is a great place for classic-style clothing (if this is the style), good enough for the price of individuality.

Yolli Shoes:

Yolli Shoes is another good place to shop. They run a bit expensive, so now I have warned about, but the shoes are unique, and you can not find a local shoe store is guaranteed. It is a small shop, but you can find all the flats gogo boots, vintage-style pumps. Plus do not forget to visit the room behind the stairs, where all accounting shoes!

McMenamin: the spar Café

If you are ready for a nice sitting area to catch a bite to eat, right Yolli Shoes is a good place called the spar, one of many regions McMenamin pubs and restaurants (just try to say one). The menu has everything from breakfast to dinner options. The lunch / dinner category, you can buy delicious fresh-made pizzas, soups, deli sandwiches great, and so on. The pricing is correct; an individual pizza costs about $9.75 depending on the type, and the soup and sandwich combo costs about $11.

The Olympia Farmer's market:

The last place where you have to go Olympia to see, especially in the summer, is the Farmer's Market. Similar to the Pike's Place Market in Seattle, Olympia and the market alike, and the outdoors. There are always local bands plays, and the food is different to grab a bite to eat. Inside you will find local organic products, meats, cheeses, handmade jewelry and more. Less than a block a way that you can visit, and enjoy the rest of the day in the water.