Skyline in Space Needle

Places to see in Seattle

If you're wondering where to go when having a trip to Seattle, you might want to see where the eyes should be taken into account when looking at the skyline of the city. Chances are, visit the Space Needle.

The structure is perhaps most famous landmarks as Seattle's and juts into the sky some 605 ft was built in 1961, the tower is set up for the 1962 World's Fair, and has been featured in popular culture as part of the backdrop for the intro to the hit sitcom Frasier, and the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

Visit the device and you'll be blown away by his height and slim appearance. Despite this, the tower can withstand strong winds, and has survived earthquakes, renovation after the first time since built to ensure its strength.

Venture inside and you can journey to the top of the tower and take in the sights of the city from the observation deck. Enjoy the best prospects, and even grab lunch at a restaurant in the Space Needle, if you can stomach it after such a breathtaking view.

After visiting the works, there are many other attractions that draw in Seattle. To learn more about the cultural heritage of the people and history, visit the Museum of History and Industry. Here you can get an insight into events such as the Great Seattle Fire and the Klondike Gold Rush, and learn more about local music history as the birthplace of grunge.

You may want to stop at the famous Pike Place Market to pick up fresh food and crafted items, even the inaccessible. The market has been operating for over a century, and as popular today as it was years ago.

Next, why not call it an art gallery and be inspired by the works on display? Or visit the Olympic Sculpture Park along the waterfront, where you can see big statues and things outside.

And before you ride home, do not miss a trip to the city's largest park - Discovery Park, and the alkyd Beach Park, where most of the boundaries of Seattle.