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Places to see in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is important place for tourists and for students too. The state has the oldest and renowned university of USA- Harvard University. This university in Cambridge is what every student dream of studying in. Massachusetts is New England area of the northeastern USA. Most of land area is covered with metamorphic rock. This article discusses interesting places to see in Massachusetts.

Places to see in Massachusetts


Salem has plenty of interesting museums. Most popular of these are Peabody Essex Museum, the Witch Dungeon Museum and the Salem Witch Museum.

Gloucester and Rockport

Gloucester and Rockport is a subarea of Cape Ann. Here you will find real fishing and art communities. A walk on the beautiful beaches watching whales playing swimming is what tourists look for.

Martha’s Vineyard

This appealing island is always looked upon as a popular holiday spot. Martha's Vineyard can be reached through waterway by taking a ferry from Wood's Hole to the Island. Explore the beautiful sand dunes, buildings built in New England architecture style and cranberry bogs of Martha's Vineyard. Nantucket is also a nice place to visit.

Mount Greylock

Mount Greylock is the highest point of Massachusetts. Many American writers have looked upon it as a source of inspiration for their compositions. Around 12000 acres land around Mount Greylock is protected.

The Pilgrim Hall Museum:

The Pilgrim Monument is the tallest granite monument in the country and is the oldest public museum of America.

Boston's museums

Boston is a cultural land and you can see the impact of culture in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston. Charlestown Navy Shipyard exhibit memories of 1822 USS Constitution, Museum of Science is famous for teaching everything related to the planet's living creatures. John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum is also worth seeing.

Old North Church

The North Church is the oldest standing church in Boston. The Church has witnessed the initiation of the American Revolution.


The historic town Concord is one of the beautiful towns in the USA. The opening engagement of the American War of Independence was held at Old North Bridge which is now called Battle Road on 15 April 1775.

New Bedford Whaling Museum

It is the world's oldest museum of its kind. The museum displays the skeleton of whales and narrates the saga of American whaling. One should especially watch out the rare, 66ft skeleton of blue whale.

Cape Cod

The shape of the Cape Cod made it very popular. This beach region looks like as an arm extended perpendicular from the body with the elbow bent, the forearm pointing upward and the fingers curling toward the head. The spectacular ocean has wide dune fields spreading to 40 miles and sandy bluffs are ready to be explored in your vacation to Massachusetts. Enjoy swimming, sailing, fishing, whale watching and cycling on trails and unspoiled beaches.

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